A Brief Introduction

Welcome to 90S BATMAN! I have fallen deeply in love with fictional character, Batman, as well as his franchise! On this website, I happily host anything from my written opinions, media reviews, and even my very own fanart!

This site was created as a personal passion project and has quite the history! I had created the site on November 19, 2022 under the name Jokes And Riddles. Ironically enough, it used to be a fansite for The Joker and The Riddler. While I still love those two characters, Batman had completely stolen my heart! That newfound love has inspired me to begin this website.

What's new?

03/29/23 A Batman: White Knight review has been uploaded!

03/06/23 Songs I Associate With Batman has been added!

03/06/23 Back with a brand new theme! Goodbye to HarlsBats, hello to 90S BATMAN!