The Cat And The Claw

Season 1, Episode 1



The episode begins with Catwoman and her feline friend, Isis, attempting to rob expensive jewelry. However, their antics are quickly put to a halt by a nearby Batman. Batman chases after Catwoman in order to thwart her scheme. The chase eventually ends with Catwoman attacking Batman and burying him under nearby trash cans.

Later that evening, an auction is held for a mountain lion reserve. Selina Kyle, being the animal lover she is, outbids all of the other participants with a whopping ten thousand dollar offer. To nobody’s shock, she wins the bid.

Later that evening, an auction was held for a mountain lion reserve. Selina Kyle, being the animal lover she is, bids for Bruce with a whopping ten thousand dollars. To nobody’s surprise, she wins the auction

Bruce Wayne approaches her, promptly asking her out to lunch. Being more interested in saving the home of the mountain lions, Selina agrees on the date after the two share an intimate moment.

Following Selina and Bruce’s romantic scene, a chase between the cops and a stolen U.S. army vehicle occurs. Batman quickly arrives to aid the cops, capturing two thirds of the crooks. The third escapes into the sewer where he confronts Catwoman.

The next day, Catwoman prepares for her upcoming date with Bruce Wayne. She and her secretary, Maven, discuss the date. Selina admits that she is much more interested in Batman, claiming that he "has the eyes of a lion". As Bruce approaches Selina, her lawyer calls and informs her that the deal for the land has been called off. Rather than selling her the land, it would be taken by Multigon International. Enraged by the news, Selina argues that the corporation has no use for the empty land in the middle of nowhere. Selina furiously threatens to alert environmentalists and animal rights activists in order to save the mountain lions.

Batman is seen interrogating a mob boss for information regarding his foe, Red Claw. While doing so, Red Claw and her men discuss a plan to transport a plague.

Catwoman sneaks into Multigon International in order to find more information regarding the land she bid for. While she is taking photos of their files, Red Claw and her underlings attempt to kill her. Thugs follow her as she escapes into the air vents, leaving cat shaped spikes behind her. Catwoman is chased into an elevator shaft and then to the roof. An explosive is thrown at her, causing her to almost fall her to her death. Fortunately for Catwoman, Batman saves the day.

While she is grateful that Batman saved her life, she becomes annoyed when he refuses to let go of her. She throws him off of the building and flees the scene.

Once she arrives to her home, she unmasks herself. However, she is unaware that one of Red Claw's thugs is watching her.

My Thoughts

Funnily enough, the website I had used to previously watch Batman: The Animated Series had the episodes listed out of order. As a result, this is actually the very first time I had seen The Cat and The Claw.

Batman Returns was kind of the beginning of my love for Catwoman, but this particular episode really solidified it! Ugh, I can’t get over how hot she is! She is absolutely smoking! I love her gorgeous blonde hair and I think that the green eyes really fit her feline vibes.

Apparently, the Catwoman in Batman: The Animated Series was given blonde hair as a reference to Pfeiffer’s Catwoman in Batman Returns. As you know, I have a weakness for sexy and badass blonde women… No wonder I love these two Catwomen so much! Chef’s kiss!

I also had completely fallen in love with her personality. I love how sexy and smooth she is while simultaneously being a risk-taking thief. Despite her questionable methods, I can truly admire Catwoman’s morals. She cares deeply for animals (especially cats, of course); shown by her sheer will and determination to upkeep the mountain lion preserve. Heck, she was willing to pay ten million dollars for it!! She also cares deeply for the poor and unfortunate-willing to steal for them despite being a wealthy socialite herself!

I loved all of the Batcat moments in this episode, hehe. I am truly developing a weakness for this ship! I love the way Bruce blushes while he is around Selina. All I could think was “relatable”! Haha! A running gig I utterly adore is how the two unknowingly click both in and out of costume. I especially found it hilarious how Selina said that she “would prefer Batman” while preparing for a date with Bruce. I remember this happening a lot in Batman Returns, too.

Same here, Bruce, same here.

Anyways, enough about Catwoman. Of course I love her to death, but I need to review the entire episode-not just type up an essay on why I adore her and have an unshakable crush on her! I thought that the inclusion of the mafia was pretty cool! I am quite interested in the mafia, actually, as many of my favorite villains are in some way linked to one (including The Joker)! I had never actually known of Red Claw before seeing this episode, but she seems like an awesome villain! Her accent is so iconic, too!

I think that DC made an excellent decision airing this episode as The Animated Series’ first! Spectacularly done, I look forward to viewing the second part!